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Welcome to Inspire Sport. INclusive SPort In Recreation and Exercise is open to anybody with a disability or special need, and aged 8 to 80, giving you the opportunity to play various sports such as basketball, cricket, short tennis, volleyball and much more.

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This is a great opportunity for young people with special needs to be involved in fun activities helping them to make new friends. Our aim is to help young people take responsibility and ownership within in a safe environment at St Phillip’s school. We want our young people to feel like they belong and that they are valued. And our social sporting group helping them boost their self esteem during a pinnacle time in their lives.

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Fund Raising Sale

Fund Raising Sale

Our volunteers have raised over £3,000 pounds a year, since we started, to keep the sessions running.

Our young people have used the life skills that they learnt in our sessions to find work, make new friends and live independently. We are proud that some have gone on to win sporting medals with Special Olympics Surrey for their county and even for their country.

Communication       Confidence     Teamwork

Resilience     Problem Solving